How To: Separate Egg Yolks From Egg Whites.

For those of you who are tired of that double half-shell juggling method.

I’m trying this when I get home tonight.

(Video from jifenzhongDIY on YouTube)

Hombre Come: Las Flores

Jeroen (@PepperPhil) and I were having coffee the other day when he whips out his iPhone and shows me pictures of his dinner a couple of nights before.

“You have to try this place,” he says, “everything was perfect. I come from the industry and it is impossible to have everything perfect. The food was great, the wine was at the right temperature, the beer and the glass were ice-cold. Even the glass!”

Tell me, how could I resist a testimonial like that?

Las Flores
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Man TwEats: 13 Twitter Accounts to Follow

Facebook is was fun and all but for more interesting, relevant and up-to-date “updates,” Twitter’s really where it’s at.

Here’s a baker’s dozen food-related Twitter accounts that I follow. You should too.

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