Fortified with Vitamin Bee.

There are a lot of words that I can use to describe fast food — quick, convenient, even, dare I say it, delicious at times — but never will I fool myself into thinking that, as I shove greasy burgers, chicken, and fries in my mouth, that I am doing my body good.

That is why I was appalled to see this ad the other day.

Fortified with bullshit!

Delicious? Ok fine, that’s debatable.

But nutritious?!? Come the fuck on, Bee! It’s a chicken nugget for chrissake! While the addition of carrots and Vitamin A fortification might make your nuggets more nutritious than the competitor’s, it does not a “nutritious” nugget make.

It’s like placing a broccoli and a Centrum on top of a Cinnabon and calling it healthy.

Me: Be still, my heart.
My heart: Soon, fatboy!

Man Eats: Resto 101’s Laksa Night

A couple of nights a year, Enderun College’s Resto 101 sets aside its regular menu for special dishes prepared by their very own chefs. This was one of those nights.

Dinner tonight was not about Pan-fried Goose Liver, Roasted Barramundi, or my personal favorite, Grilled Australian Pork Chop with Calvados Sauce. Dinner was all about Chef Cheong Yan See’s famous Laksa and White Chicken.

To invite the public to one of these special nights, Enderun usually sends out email blasts to its mailing list. The email usually contains carefully laid out photos of the featured chef and his dishes with properly worded copy to highlight the chef’s accomplishments and explain the night’s theme. Chef See’s dinner needed no such invitation and in fact, there was none. Resto 101 was packed.

So, with high expectations and an empty stomach, I came prepared.

Chef See's Laksa

I love noodles in soup. Add coconut milk and cilantro and you’ve got a real winner!

White Chicken + Chicken Rice
See the drippings under the rice? Yeeeaaaaaah!

My only complaint was that there was something missing from this dish…another cup of Chicken Rice.

With his responsibilities as the culinary head of Enderun Colleges, Chef See says that he doesn’t have much time to hold more of these kinds of events. Which is a shame, considering that this was probably one of the better Laksa and White Chicken I’ve had here in Manila.