How To: Eat Chirashi Sushi

Step 1: Order Chirashi Sushi. Have them replace ika (squid), tako (octopus) and saba (mackerel) with sake (salmon) and kajiki (blue marlin).

Step 2: Disassemble sashimi and rice.

Step 3: Reassemble in tummy.


Playing With Food

Thanks to Chuvaness, I am now obsessed with these toys made by a company named Konapun.

According to the YouTube channel I linked these from:

  1. It’s a Japanese toy named Konapun.
  2. It’s not edible.
  3. It’s not for children under 8 years old. And must do play under the adult.
  4. The fake food made of Konapun will rot soon.
  5. It doesn’t cook with actual heat. It is just powder and water.

And in conclusion, the Japanese are awesome.