Man Makes: Bacon Jam

I first learned about Bacon Marmalade from Liza de Guia’s (@SkeeterNYC) video blog, food. curated. According to the video, Bacon Marmalade was born out of a kitchen “mistake” made by Chef Ross Hutchison of Brooklyn, NYC. If there’s such a thing as a “good mistake,” this is probably it.

Now if you’ve read this blog before, then you know that I love bacon. You probably also know that the first thought that entered my mind was “I need this in my life.”

Since Manila isn’t exactly next door neighbors with New York, I knew that it might be a while before I could get my hands on a bottle. So, I made like Pedro Cerrano and said: “Fuck you, Jobu. I do it myself.

And I did.

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Man Eats: Kate Baked Cookies

Came home the other night to find Kate Baked Cookies waiting for me.

Knowing that I heart bacon, Kate sent over a half dozen of her new concoctions: freshly-baked Butterscotch Bacon Cookies and Double Chocolate Bacon Cookies to try.

Kate is crazy a genius!

Butterscotch Bacon Cookies
Double Chocolate Bacon Cookies

Cookies…soft, chewy, and bacon-y. Whodathunk?

While both bacon cookies are still are works-in-progress, you can check out Kate’s chocolate cookie creations like Milo, Reese’s, Toblerone, and Maltesers Cookies by going to her Facebook site or tumblr page.