Man TwEats: 13 Twitter Accounts to Follow

Facebook is was fun and all but for more interesting, relevant and up-to-date “updates,” Twitter’s really where it’s at.

Here’s a baker’s dozen food-related Twitter accounts that I follow. You should too.

1. Epicurious (@epicurious)

Followers: ~275,000

One of the most comprehensive food sites around. It’s Twitter account definitely deserves a follow.

2. Chow (@CHOW)

Followers: ~126,000

Follow Chow for the latest CHOW Tips, Supertaster and You’re Doing It All Wrong updates.

3. Foodimentary (@Foodimentary)

Followers: ~659,000

Want to know what food item we’re celebrating today? Follow Foodimentary to get Tweets like the one below.

4. Liza de Guia (@SkeeterNYC)

Followers: ~15,000

Founder and Chief Storyteller of food.curated (my favorite video food blog) and a regular contributor to

5. 80breakfasts (@80breakfasts)

Followers: ~1,200

Who doesn’t love breakfast?!? Check out her tweets and her site ( for some interesting recipes and glorious food shots.

6. Lucky Peach (@LuckyPeach)

Followers: ~20,000

Mainly following Lucky Peach just so I know when the new issue is out. There are some funny, “from left field” tweets from time to time, though.

7. Alton Brown (@altonbrown)

Followers: ~360,000

Loved him in Good Eats. Not so much in Iron Chef America. Alton Brown answers your questions via Post-Its.

8. (@baconscotch)

Followers: ~5,700

Bacon. Good. Scotch. Good.

9. Susan Calo-Medina (@TravelTimePH)

Followers: ~1,350

Remember, “huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan.” At pagkain.

10. Lori Baltazar (@DessertComes1st)

Followers: ~1,900

Probably THE Philippine food blogger. She eats, she cooks, she bakes, she writes. What more do you need?

11. Anthony Bourdain (@bourdain)

Followers: ~995,000

I’m living life vicariously through this guy.

12. Saveur (@SAVEURMAG)

Followers: ~184,000

My favorite food magazine, now in Tweet form!

13. Angry BFlay (Parody) (@AngryBFlay)

Followers: ~26,500

One of the funniest parody accounts around, food or otherwise. I like this guy much better than the real Bobby Flay.

After you follow them on Twitter, follow me too! (@ManEatManila)

Any suggestions on who else I should follow? Hit me up on the comments section.


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