Starbucks Secret Menu

While I like my coffee with just milk and sugar, you guys might enjoy this.

After a quick Google search, this “secret” menu has apparently been making its rounds in the interwebs. I’m just not sure if they’ll accommodate these here in Manila.

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You Are What You EATALY.

What do you get when the country of Italy has a three-way with a Whole Foods Market and a mega-food court? You get the Italian food mecca that is Eataly.

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Man Eats: The Big Apple (Part 5)

Part 4 done?

Ok, this is it. The last course.

This is gonna be as random as random gets.

Here’s the Halal food cart where I used to get my “Lamb over rice” fill every Wednesdays and Fridays when I worked in Sony along Madison.

My Wednesday and Friday buddies for 2 years.
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Man Eats: The Big Apple (Part 1)

I ♥ NY.

It’s been 8 years since I’ve moved back to Manila and I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed NYC. The energy, the shopping, the people, the architecture, the weather and most especially, the food.

Ahhhh, the food.

Of course I had my usual stops like Shake Shack, Ben & Jack’s, my favorite Halal street cart across the the Sony building, Wondee Siam…but I also had some new finds like Hill Country, Blue Ribbon, Wafels & Dinges and Joe, a small coffee shop a few blocks from the apartment.

Here’s part 1 of a 5-part recap of my New York…

Enjoy. I know I did.

Shake Shack

This is the shack!
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