Man Eats: IMC Kavino

There are only a handful of people I trust when it comes to recommending good eats. So when Karina (not her real name…her real name is Carina) tweeted that I had to try out IMC Kavino, I did.

IMC Kavino, which is short for International Master Chef Kavino, is a new “Chinese Fusion” restaurant located in the malas spot of Jupiter Place, along Jupiter Street, Makati (beside Mey Lin). This particular location is to successful restaurants as what Kris Aquino is to successful relationships. I hope Kavino does better than them, including Krissy.

Some Free Appetizer

I don’t know what this dish is called but it was a nice, clean way to start the meal. It’s like kimchi, but using lettuce instead of cabbage.

Fried Onion Cake

This was the highlight of the meal. A fried mantou-like mini-bun topped with a bit of mayo, mahu (pork floss) and spring onions served on a bed of fried crispy noodles.

Vietnamese Spring Roll
Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Served at the same time as the glorious Fried Onion Cake, the Vietnamese Spring Rolls paled in comparison. While the wrapper was crispy and flaky, the filling wasn’t as exciting. Damn you, FOC, for getting my hopes up so early on in the meal.

Fried Squid Balls
Super Crispy Wasabi Squid Ball

Eh. Super ok lang talaga.

Golden Sand "Bite-sized" Bean Curd
Golden Sand “Bite-size” Bean Curd

Fried Tofu is always a winner. Always.

Pero pewde bang mag submit ulit ng name studies?

Pork a la Peking
Pork a la Peking

While I would have preferred regular Peking Duck, the Pork a la Peking was really interesting. The International Master Chef used his mystical fusion powers and substituted the duck with fried, battered liempo. Also, this was huge compared to the regular peking duck wrap. That’s a plus, by the way.

On another note…

Peeking Duck
A Peeking Duck

Given I was the family, I didn’t have time to take pictures of all the dishes before they were wiped out (or too messy). Here are the ones I didn’t get to take pictures of:

Hot Sour Soup — Too watery for my taste but tasted good.
Japanese Style Salad Taro Puff — Avoid like the plague.
Golden Garlic Yang Chow Fried Rice — Slightly browned and burnt. One of the best I’ve ever had.
Mango Sago with Sea Coconut and Pomelo — Very nice and interesting.

Overall, IMC Kavino is pretty good. Some hits and misses but given their extensive menu, I’m pretty sure there are more yummy dishes to discover.

P.S. I was going to complain that the stuff we ordered was kinda oily since most of them were fried but given the amount of alcohol I had in my body from the previous night, oily was good.