Sunday Bloody Sunday

Bloody steak, that is.

For those of you that missed the Valentine’s Day entry, here’s an Easter Sunday dinner replay of what Mom made.

The Steak

The Potato Gratin

Steak ♥'s Potato Gratin

*Slow clap*

Man Drinks: Boddingtons Pub Ale

Yes, Man has to drink too.

So, what do you get when you mix ice cream and a bitter draught beer?

Probably Boddingtons Pub Ale.

When going to a bar or pub that offers foreign beers, Boddingtons usually is my poison of choice (the other one being Hoegaarden). Thanks to the aerator widget in every 1 pint can, the beer forms a really thick head when poured.

How thick? Check out these ads for Boddingtons.

I remember this one time when I went to London to attend Ross’ wedding and Joey and I enjoyed a couple of pints of Boddingtons…

Wait, I think that was a Friends episode.