“Food Photography Etiquette” aka “How Not to Be THAT GUY in a Restaurant.”

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The other day, I got into a discussion with a food blogger on Instagram regarding taking pictures of food in a public setting. That short back and forth got me thinking about my own hobby of taking food pics and posting them on Instagram, Facebook, and (sometimes) this almost-defunct blog.

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How To: Make a Ramen Burger

Goodbye, cronut craze. (You weren’t even that great.)

Let’s move on to the next hybrid food trend, shall we?

The Ramen Burger.

The original Ramen Burger. (Photo from The Daily Beast)
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How To: Open Your Own Coffee Shop

Enderun Extension, the continuing education arm of Enderun Colleges, is offering interesting Coffee-related one-day workshops this coming October.

Hosted by Chit Juan (of Figaro Coffee fame) and Roast Master Manny Torrejon, these workshops would probably be great for those who are thinking of putting up their own coffee shops or for those who simply love coffee.

For more information, check out Enderun Extension’s Short Courses and Workshops site here.