Hombre Come: Las Flores

Jeroen (@PepperPhil) and I were having coffee the other day when he whips out his iPhone and shows me pictures of his dinner a couple of nights before.

“You have to try this place,” he says, “everything was perfect. I come from the industry and it is impossible to have everything perfect. The food was great, the wine was at the right temperature, the beer and the glass were ice-cold. Even the glass!”

Tell me, how could I resist a testimonial like that?

Las Flores

You know what I hate about tapas? It’s not that it comes in small portions. It’s that it comes in small portions and it’s meant for sharing!

Wait, hashtag fatboyproblems.

Fortunately, except for the Gambas, Las Flores’ tapas servings weren’t small. At all.

Botifarra Catalana

Sorry, Botifarra Catalana-stuffed Cochinillo is not on the menu.

Gambas al Ajillo Picantes

Tortilla de Trampo

Paella Negra con Sepia

While I still prefer the Paella Negra in Barcino (maybe because it’s less wet and has some burnt bits underneath), it was an excellent meal overall.

I seriously should have coffee with Jeroen more often.

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