How To: Make a Ramen Burger

Goodbye, cronut craze. (You weren’t even that great.)

Let’s move on to the next hybrid food trend, shall we?

The Ramen Burger.

The original Ramen Burger. (Photo from The Daily Beast)

Popularized by Keizo Shimimoto at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn, the Ramen Burger is basically a burger patty, arugula, scallions and shoyu sauce sandwiched between ramen “buns” instead of bread. It’s the rational next step for Manila’s on-going love affair with ramen and designer burgers.

This early on, it seems that Wrong Ramen and Umami Hambaagu House have already come up with their own version.

Photo taken from Wrong Ramen’s FB page.

In all honesty, I’m pretty excited to try this new frankenfood. Better yet, I’m excited to make it at home.

Here’s the how-to video from POPSUGAR Food…

You’re welcome. Please don’t forget to invite me for the tasting.

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