You Are What You EATALY.

What do you get when the country of Italy has a three-way with a Whole Foods Market and a mega-food court? You get the Italian food mecca that is Eataly.

With a number of restaurants to choose from (Manzo, La Pizza/La Pasta, Il Pesce, Le Verdure…), not to mention a number of food stands where you can get freshly-made Bufala Mozzarella, panini, cured meats, roasted meats, and assorted cheeses and bring to the first-come-first-served standing-only bar area in the center called La Piazza, a cafe (Caffe Lavazza), a gelateria, a bakery, a pastry shop, a fresh pasta counter, a butcher, a fishmonger, a roof-top beer garden (Birreria), a huge selection of fresh produce and dry goods sourced locally and from Italy, a kitchenware/housewares/bookstore section, a travel agency, and a cooking school (La Scuola) in over 50,000 square feet of prime Manhattan property, Eataly puts the EPIC in epicurean.

How big is 50,000 square feet, you ask? That’s almost the size of a regulation American Football field. Or a little smaller that chef/co-owner Mario Batali. BAZINGA!!!

The plan was to have a quick lunch and spend the rest of the afternoon walking around the Flat Iron district. As you will see from the following pics, Flat Iron had to wait another day.

Lunch was at La Pizza/La Pasta. Did I say lunch? I meant LATE lunch since there was an hour wait for a table (not bad by New York standards).

Freshly-made Bufala Mozzarella with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Pasta al Forno al Ragù
Pansotti di Ricotta e Spinaci
La Pasta kitchen. *pan envy*

After the meal, the waiter suggested that we head over to Birreria to get “afternoon drunk”.

Birr! Chirrs!
Perfect placement.

We didn’t. 😦

We did, however, spend the rest of the afternoon exploring the rest of Eataly.

My new mantra.
La Piazza
The “Deli”
Dried Meats
Assorted Cheeses
More Cheese!
A lamp made of pasta.
Fresh Pasta
Freshly-made Gnocchi
I love Sophia Loren.
Fishmonger at work.
A ref dedicated to parmesan cheese. Just parmesan.
Pepperoni and Salami
Fresh Produce
Tomatoes. Just tomatoes.
More Produce
More greens.
And even more greens.
The Baker
Rustic Breads

My favorite section? Lavazza Caffè where they serve Lavazza Coffee exclusively.

Caffè Lavazza
Lavazza Beans

Have you ever had Bicerin (bee-chair-EEN)? OH MAY GASSSS!!! I think I’ve found my new favorite beverage. It’s basically a small glass of drinking chocolate + shot of espresso + sweetened freshly-whipped cream layered specifically in that order.


That’s EAT! Hope you liked the bonus NYC entry.

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9 thoughts on “You Are What You EATALY.”

  1. If there was a Big Brother Eataly edition, I’d sign up!

    My reaction when I saw those mozzarella slices: I sighed deeply and my eyelids shut halfway lol. I love that the calzone isn’t 80% bread and 20% filling like most calzones here in Manila; and those ravioli, you don’t get that much in a serving here in Manila, too! (If only I could make those myself ugh.)

  2. The Bicerin reminds me of one of my favorite coffee drinks many years ago. There was a small Coffee California in the basement of Megamall, by the food court. I know — not a place you’d expect good coffee, but this was way before Starbucks came to our shores and they were one of the few places that served espresso. They also had a branch in Powerbooks Pasay Road for a while, but that’s gone now, too. Anyway, they had a drink that was a shot of espresso with Filipino tsokolate, which I loved. It was deep, earthy, dark, bitter, with just the right touch of sweetness. I still think of that with longing.

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