Man Eats: Seiji

After stints at Tsukiji and Mogu, Chef Seiji Kamura has opened a new Japanese restaurant along Pasay Road aptly named: Seiji.

For An’s birthday, the family and I had dinner there and here’s what we ate…

Assorted Sashimi

No, it wasn’t served like this. This was on my plate since it was served family-style.

Foie Gras + Unagi

Love love love this dish. Definitely 1 of 2 highlights of the meal!

Kani Pomelo Salad

The salad was good but nothing great. It was fun to eat, nonetheless.

Ebi Tempura

No, the tempura wasn’t served like this either.

Usugiri Karubi

Good beef, but not as good as…

Wagyu Saikoro Steak

The 2nd highlight of the meal! Supercali–meltinyourmouth-fragilistic-knockyoursocksoff-expialidocious Wagyu beef.

Overall, a mighty mighty good meal. In fact, we’ve been back there three times already since An’s birthday.

Maybe we’ll be there next Sunday again…

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