Man Makes: Bread

A couple of weeks ago, I finally crossed out one of my New Year’s resolutions from my list:

Learn to make bread.

Learn to make bread. Check.

Early September, I enrolled myself in Enderun Extension‘s ADF+Enderun Pastry and Baking Fundamental’s class taught by Chef Andreas Gillar and Chef Cyril Ermita. So for 5 Saturdays, I hauled my ass over to Enderun’s One McKinley campus (by 9 am…what?!?) to learn to make basic pie/tart crusts, breads (white, rye, country, brioche…), and puff pastries (croissant, pan au chocolat…)

The short course was pretty thorough, covering topics such as roles of each ingredient, differences between flours (all-purpose vs. bread vs. cake), types of yeast, and even kneading and dough rolling techniques. While the course won’t instantly make you a master baker (tee-hee), it will give you a deeper appreciation of the ingredients and the process that goes into making something so simple and basic.

Here are some shots that I took during the 5-day course:

Country Bread Dough.

Baguette Dough.

French Bread Dough.

Chef Cy teaching us how to use the bread oven.

Bread in the oven.

French Bread in the oven.

Country Bread.

Rye Bread.

Frech Bread.

Chef Andreas teaching us how to roll croissants.

Croissant Dough Roller.

Croissant Dough.

Croissants in the oven.

My partner for 2 sessions, DJ Mia (@mia899).

To get to know more about Enderun Extension and the courses that they offer, go to or to check out their short course and workshop schedules, click here.

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