Man Makes: Bacon Jam

I first learned about Bacon Marmalade from Liza de Guia’s (@SkeeterNYC) video blog, food. curated. According to the video, Bacon Marmalade was born out of a kitchen “mistake” made by Chef Ross Hutchison of Brooklyn, NYC. If there’s such a thing as a “good mistake,” this is probably it.

Now if you’ve read this blog before, then you know that I love bacon. You probably also know that the first thought that entered my mind was “I need this in my life.”

Since Manila isn’t exactly next door neighbors with New York, I knew that it might be a while before I could get my hands on a bottle. So, I made like Pedro Cerrano and said: “Fuck you, Jobu. I do it myself.

And I did.

Well, not exactly. Since I don’t really know what Bacon Marmalade exactly tastes like, everything was left to my imagination…and Google. I compiled all the Bacon Marmalade recipes I could find online and came up with a hybrid recipe that took into consideration the following factors: availability of ingredients in Manila, cost of ingredient, and, most importantly, my taste.

I made a couple of batches, brought some to work, sent some to family and friends, and tasted, tasted, tasted.

Too spicy.

Too sweet.

Too dry.

Not sticky enough.

Not spicy enough.

Not bacon-y enough.

After maybe the fifth or sixth batch, I think I finally got it. Again, this probably doesn’t taste even remotely like the original Bacon Marmalade, but I like this last batch. And that’s good enough for me.

Slightly sweet, kinda smoky, a bit spicy, and of course, b-b-b-bacon-y.

Oh, and this batch was the prettiest as well. So purdy that I took pictures. Look!

Where can you put Bacon Jam? Where ever you put Bacon, I guess.

I’ll try to take some pics of stuff I make using Bacon Jam and show them in a future post. But for now, here’s something I made in honor of Bacon…

4 thoughts on “Man Makes: Bacon Jam”

  1. Just reading your post makes me salivate already 🙂 We are big believers of breakfast as a family and my siblings and I truly, madly, deeply loooooove bacon 🙂

    Just curious: would you use this traditionally (like using it as a spread over bread) or mix it with chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

    1. I’ve tried it on crackers, in a BLT sandwich to replace the bacon, on a burger…but my personal favorite is on a slice of toast with a runny fried egg. I’ve yet to try it on vanilla ice cream…

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