Fortified with Vitamin Bee.

There are a lot of words that I can use to describe fast food — quick, convenient, even, dare I say it, delicious at times — but never will I fool myself into thinking that, as I shove greasy burgers, chicken, and fries in my mouth, that I am doing my body good.

That is why I was appalled to see this ad the other day.

Fortified with bullshit!

Delicious? Ok fine, that’s debatable.

But nutritious?!? Come the fuck on, Bee! It’s a chicken nugget for chrissake! While the addition of carrots and Vitamin A fortification might make your nuggets more nutritious than the competitor’s, it does not a “nutritious” nugget make.

It’s like placing a broccoli and a Centrum on top of a Cinnabon and calling it healthy.

Me: Be still, my heart.
My heart: Soon, fatboy!

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