Bacon Ipsum

To all my art director/copywriter friends:

Please please please use this in your next layout compre.


Here’s a sample:

Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet tri-tip bresaola brisket boudin, pork loin hamburger shankle cow drumstick beef short loin pig meatball. Strip steak sirloin beef rump short ribs bresaola fatback sausage ham hock cow chicken. Pork belly chuck drumstick pork loin boudin tri-tip. Hamburger turkey boudin, short loin meatloaf andouille sausage. Ball tip pork loin corned beef, short ribs chicken rump brisket. Chuck pastrami flank, chicken salami short ribs jowl sirloin swine short loin. Jowl chuck shoulder turkey pig shank.

Fuck yeah, bacon!


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