Man Eats: Zapata’s

“You’re gonna drive an hour and a half just to eat?!?” – my Dad when he found out that we were traveling all the way to Pampanga to have lunch.

Oh Dad, its as if you don’t even know me.

The many times I’ve gone to Pampanga, C’s Italian Dining was almost always the destination (best Panizza evaaaarrr!). This time around we decided to try Zapata’s, a Mexican restaurant that many of my friends have been raving about. Also, since the Hermano’s Taco Shop experience, we badly needed to have some good Mexican food and we hoped that this would do the trick.

Zapata’s was pretty easy to find since its located at the same strip as C’s. For the guys who still don’t know where that is, Zapata’s is located at the same strip as strippers. Got it? Good.

Given the long drive, I was hungry. And I don’t just mean “I could eat a horse” hungry — I mean “I could eat a house” hungry. Good thing the tortilla chips, salsa, and guacamole didn’t take long.

Holy Guacamole, Batman!

Now’s about a good time to order a Grande Combination Plate. “What’s that,” you say? Good you asked.

Burrito + Beans + Enchilada

Taco + Chili con Carne

Soft Taco

The Zapata’s Grande Combination plate is a hefty order of a Taco, a Burrito, an Enchilada, a bowl of Chili con Carne, a bowl of Mayan Bean Soup, Borracho Beans, and Mexican Rice. According to the waitress, the order was good for about 2-3 people.

Or maybe 1 fat boy.

Aside from the so-so enchilada, everything else was really good. The Chili con Carne, most especially. I just dumped the whole ramekins of shredded cheddar cheese and onions and it was good to go.

Since it was my first time to eat in Zapata’s, I couldn’t pass on dessert.

I should have.

It glows!

Much the opposite of their entrées, Zapata’s Key Lime Pie was a let down. Not only did it taste nothing like Key Lime Pie, it looked a little something like what gave Donatello and the gang their awesome ninja powers.

Overall, Zapata’s was definitely worth the day trip. Next time, I’m just gonna stick to Razon’s Halo-Halo for dessert.

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