What’s up, Sorsogon?

Sorsogon, one of the six Bikol provinces, has become a destination for many tourist attractions. Activities that first come to mind when talking about Sorsogon include:

• Swimming with the Whale Sharks or Butandings in Donsol
• Trekking in Bulusan Natural Park
• Wading in Mateo Hot and Cold Springs, Mascarot Springs, Mapaso Springs, and Palogtok Falls
• Spelunking in Nagsurok and Prieto-Diaz Caves
• Visiting the century-old Barcelona Church and Ruins and the Ruins of Panlatuan
• Hanging out in the many beach resorts around the province

However, not many know about Sorsogon Province’s hidden gem.


Hello there, Bacon!

Bacon is ALWAYS proper.

(Photo credit: sorsogoncity.wordpress.com)

Yes, my friends, there is actually a district in Sorsogon City named Bacon.

While I haven’t been to Bacon (I just chanced upon the place when Googling “Bacon.” Yes, I Google “Bacon.” That is why I’m fat.), I can just imagine the many wonderful sights and activities in Bacon.

Pork belly-flopping on the beach, trekking the Honey-Cured Hills, making 3 wishes at the Santuario de Prosciutto and Capela de Pancetta, swimming with the endangered Liempos…haaaaay, one can dream.

For more (and real) info about Bacon in Sorsogon check out the links below:

Photo Journal of Tolonggapo Beach
Beaches of Bacon
Satellite View of Bacon Community Airport
Boanerges Hideaway
Places to visit in Sorsogon City

Huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling Bacon.

2 thoughts on “What’s up, Sorsogon?”

  1. Hi Man-Eat-Manila,

    Thank you for writing about Bacon, Sorsogon. Just a minor correction though, Bacon is a separate district within Sorsogon City. It’s officially known as West District of the said city. It is still known as Bacon to majority since the merging of the two old towns – Sorsogon and Bacon – just happened barely a decade ago.

    Regarding the pix with the list of beaches – http://tzwsla.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pp1PCwN0W1eMxhJpA7ovXmrwF7t12HN_7JoS0vvE38O5I6pFBr1roq63TvKtSNYXhEEkeBSeU1Ui2NP4UuBh4-sV41M0gXqgC/Traffic_Sign.JPG?psid=1 – in Bacon, you may want to put a credit where you actually got it.

    Thank you and I hope you write more about Sorsogon.

    Sorsogon City

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