Man Eats: Hermanos Taco Shop

Hermanos Taco Shop

Last Sunday, I decided to try out Hermanos Taco Shop in Gilmore, Q.C. since many claim that this place has the most authentic Mexican food in Manila.

As you’d expect, Hermanos’ menu has the usual burritos, tacos and quesadillas. What really stood out from the menu was their Rolled Tacos. I was excited to try this since I was watching the Food Network’s The Best Thing I Ever Ate…with My Hands the other night and they featured rolled tacos from Chico’s Tacos in El Paso, Texas.

Rolled Tacos (beef and chicken combo)

This wasn’t the best thing I ever ate. Not with my hands. Not with utensils. Not in a box. Not with a fox. Not in a house. Not with a mouse. I do not like them [that much], Man I Am. The “hefty” serving of tortilla chips didn’t really help either. The beef was so-so, the chicken was bland and the fried tortilla wrapper was too thick and it masked even more of taste. Sayang, I really had high hopes for this dish.

Beef Fajita Burrito

Beef Fajita Burrito in yo’ face

Up next, the Beef Fajita Burrito (no beans, please). I’ve heard complaints that the burrito in Hermanos isn’t big enough, most probably because they’ve gotten used to the huge servings in Ristras, but I, for one, am glad that the burrito here doesn’t make me feel like I ate extra extra extra rice. Taste-wise, the burrito was actually good, especially when you add a bit of their homemade hot sauce and extra cilantro.

Given that we live in a country where Mexicali and Tia Maria’s have been the benchmarks for Mexican fare for the longest time, I’d say that Hermanos isn’t that bad.

Is it authentic, though? Jury’s still out on that one.

11 thoughts on “Man Eats: Hermanos Taco Shop”

  1. Tepi likes the roasted tomato salsa that goes with everything. I like Zapatas pa rin in Angeles!!! It’s. the. best. Fish tacos FTW!!!

  2. Can anyone tell me where Zapatas is in Angeles? The name of the street it’s on, or actual driving directions, anyone?!!

    Mexicali and Tia Marias are very far from the authentic stuff. I really miss the taco trucks from the Mission District in San Francisco.

  3. There’s a difference between tex-mex and mexican food. Mexicali and Tia maria’s serve tex-mex; looks like hermanos does too.

      1. Well, I think there’s a Mexican-inspired place on Maginhawa called Mexican Express.
        Ah wait – i found their multiply site, and it looks tex-mex all over again.

        I think the answer is no.

  4. What a coincidence that I’m commenting on this now, because it’s almost exactly a year after! Have you been back to Hermanos since then? If not, I’d like to suggest that you do, but order other dishes — I have to agree that the rolled tacos aren’t all that. But, as in any restaurant, there are hits and misses. I’ve only been there once (believe me, NOT by choice, as I’ve been wanting to return since), but we were a big group, so we got to try many things. I strongly recommend the soft tacos with terrific corn tortilla (I don’t think any other Mexican place here has this) and the amazing tamales. I normally don’t like tamales at all, but Hermanos’ tamales are truly delectable! The grilled chicken quesadilla was also very tasty. You might also want to try the horchata — very traditional Latin drink, with rice and cinnamon. It’s a bit heavy, so some might not want to drink it together with the main course.

    I’m no expert on Mexican food, but Hermanos CAN claim to be authentic. Their chef is Mexican, from Baja. And my tito, who spends several months each year in South America, attests it’s the most authentic he’s had in Manila. I know it’s called a taco shop, but I hope Hermanos someday serves more complicated, non-finger food type dishes, like mole. I heard that on weekends, they have menudo, and that it’s very good. Darn…now I REALLY NEED to go back!

      1. If you do, please do let us know if you change your mind. 🙂 I wish I lived as near to Hermanos as you do!

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