Why I Love V-Day

Years ago, my mom started a tradition of cooking a special meal for the family (including dates) every Valentine’s Day. With the way Mom cooks, not having to make reservations, not having to pay an arm and a leg for so-so fixed menus, and not having to drive through Valentine’s Day traffic are just added bonuses.

Her menu always consisted of steak, a salad, a couple of sides and dessert, served family style. No fancy schmancy stuff here.

She really outdid herself this year.

The menu for this year was:

French Bread with Anchovy Cream (not hers)…
French Bread

…Grilled Rib Eye, Grilled Asparagus, Potato Gratin, Prosciutto-wrapped Melon, and Caesar Salad (not pictured).
Steak and Stuff

For the steak, some Peter Luger Steak Sauce.
Peter Luger Steak Sauce

And for dessert, Mom’s “What’s my name again?!?” Valrhona Chocolate Mousse…
Chocolate Mousse

On a side note, I really have to start taking pictures using my S95. These iPhone pics suck.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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